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Dating & Relationship

Introduction to Disease

Naman Shah is 40 years old and well educated, but has failed to secure a good job due to extensive negative self-talk.
  1. With a downright depressive state of mind, he decided to take counseling, to deal with this harmfully limiting syndrome of believing “I am not self-sufficient and worth it.”
  2. He is willing to achieve his goal only in communication; he fails when it comes to action. Because of his steady income from the rental properties, he has somehow survived, but with a dark future.

Studies of Assessments

  1. I noticed multiple issues in the assessment, from an anxious state of mind to depression. Lack of focus and clarity was a significant issue.
  2. He has managed to hypnotize himself almost in the practice of “I can’t do it.” His problems have persisted since his childhood because of absence of knowledge and guidance.
  3. He has tried to apply multiple therapies in his life, but due to his lack of interest, he left behind his therapist and absently started taking over the same habits.
  4. He has visited more than three psychotherapists, including a psychiatrist in Ahmedabad but failed to make any progress due to his increased absenteeism.
  5. The causes are so deep, he himself did not know what he felt or why he felt it. The blame game was standard, and he feared about what would happen to his future.


  1. These are cases that generally live the same standard of routine and lifestyle, having the same kind of thought processes every day. . They usually go to the same places and meet the same people.
  2. He was doing the same work and expecting different results out of the same. When he wasn’t able to achieve it, he became demotivated, depressed and started being hard on himself.


  1. There are multiple therapies that help individuals to survive and deal with different thought processes. For example, in his case, the Suggestions Therapy failed.
  2. Hence I gradually started with the treatment called TALK and ACT therapy, which helped him manage his baggage from the past.
  3. For any patient, it is naturally hard to accept new changes as they are fixed with the preconceived notion that changes will lead them to an uncomfortable zone.


  1. Over the course of two months, and with gradual build-up in self-accountability, he has started taking my suggestions and working with enthusiasm.
  2. His  anxiety eventually diminished when he would get immediate results that led him to gain confidence through the process. But in such cases, sustainability was again a great challenge as some people loosen up faster.
  3. They are always compelled to lean back to their original habits. But when they accept situations as they are and without self-blame or blaming others; the results are effective and fast. He has started looking for new jobs with confidence. He gave all his interviews and even managed to crack some of them.
  4. However, he was unable to get the desired salary he was aiming for,  which again could be a significantly effective excuse to push him into the dark side of his thoughts.
Being how he is, he needs some pushing force in life along with a few sympathetic words to  support his mental capacity to fight against procrastination and negative thoughts. My other initial idea was to direct him towards a good NGO where he could work with the lesser privileged people in society. The self-realization therapy helped him overcome his wounds of self-insufficiency and lack of confidence.It is easier for him to cure now because he has recognized his life and thought patterns and acts on the same. He has accepted his issues and weaknesses. No external factors played a role in his case; it was the inside– his thought process and overthinking — that was incorrect and weighing him down. Because he was religious as well, he reflected on his mistakes, started communicating openly and dealt with the problems. Exposure therapy at various places helped him to come out of his guarded shell.Results suggest that he is expected to come out of a negative thought pattern, which we have mutually achieved. The mind becomes your enemy if you do not train it. This became his mantra in life, his motivation to repel from going back to his old ways.My work is like a supporter and counsellor, but sometimes I find the need to become your friend to bring about effective therapy and healing.