We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you.

Couple Counseling

A 17-year-old girl Keya was unable to understand her dilemma of education and passion. She has dropped out from 12th science due to covid-19. She was in self conversation about doubts of clearing her exams.

Introduction to Disease

One and a half-year of lockdown negatively affected her mind, and she became addicted to mobile phones. So she carries with herself the burden of boredom, and could not concentrate on her studies nor enjoy with her friends.

  1. Her down syndrome is active due to a lack of physical activities.
  2. Proper guidance was absent, and the lockdown tampered with her studies.
  3. She could not concentrate as there was a lack of interest.
  4. She started questioning herself and her worthiness
  5. There was growing distance between her parents.

Due to the above mentioned issues, Keya had cultivated loneliness within her. To kill time in the lockdown, she used her mobile phone more and got addicted to it, along with video games.


Over generalization was in her nature, as her mother detailed all aspects of life. Therefore, she distorts and deletes information, and has thinking issues.


To help her overcome her habits, she was asked to write a journal to record her mood swings and thoughts. Then to start writing about the gratitude lists and affirming herself to overcome overthinking issues. She was having concentration span issues, so after giving exercises for mindfulness, within a week, she has started living as earlier.

  • As she has a mind with a curious nature and always aims for more information, doing mindful household work like washing clothes, washing utensils and dusting helps divert herself from her phone.
  • She used to get the feeling from Social media that she would die if she did not check her phone for an extended period of time. She craves her mobile and uploads reels, selfies, and all kinds of stuff. This also leads to feeling more conscious about her likes and followers, that make her day dependent on someone’s likes and approval. To overcome the habits of putting selfies, reels and statuses, I gave her a task to visit nearby places without her phone. Another suggestion was to switch over from an android phone to a simple phone, as this age group does not need high-tech phones.

As her mind is curious to get more information, there is a compulsory activity to read for an hour a day and she should self examine herself instead of someone watching over her.


Within a week, she started gaining back her power and control from all sources she had scattered.

  1. Her feelings of boredom vanished.
  2. She does household work which diverts her from other stuff.
  3. She enjoys focus and will eventually get excellent grasping power that will make her clear all exams in one go with good rankings.
  4. Her fear of loneliness was removed as she has started talking to herself and self-healing helps her to heal her wounds.
  5. Her overthinking was removed as she has started taking only necessary information.
  6. Keeping away from her phone and iPod for more than 4 hours with limited social media usage and video games helps her get back to action mode.

Going back to how she was

As a result of the above mentioned, she wakes up at 5 am now. She has also gradually started developing a passion for writing. She once told me that when she was very young, she used to write short stories. Over time, she forgot about them in the pressure of education, homework and rankings. She has eliminated the thought of dropping out and has decided to start working hard for her MBBS preparations. In the coming months, she will get her final grades.

Visualization and goals are easy for her to achieve, and simultaneously her fear of failure also has been removed. She became her own competitor. She wrote to me once a day, “I do not know life but I know myself. Because you are the one who brings me back, I want to say thank you.”